Which city do you want to deliver?

1.We offer all products for US delivery.This includes all regions of US.Shipping services do not provided outside US.

2.How to track my order?

After processsing the order,you can contact us through [email protected] . We will notify you that the order has been sent out.Please note that we do not provide cash on delivery.

3.How long does it take to get my order?

All orders will be shipped within 1-3 working days after placing the order ( except holidays ) .
EMS express estimated delivery time is 7-12 days.

Attention! Due to the coronavirus and local logistics services in US, shipments in US may be delayed. Please take care of yourself and ensure your safety.

You can contact our customer service by email with delay information, or use the following URL and your order number to track your order query, https://www.17track.net/cn

4. Can I cancel the order?

All orders will be automatically processed and shipped immediately after placing the order. If you want to cancel an order, please send a cancellation request via email within 12-24 hours after placing the order. If the order has not been shipped, you will get a refund. Once transportation is arranged, it cannot be cancelled.

5.Can the order be shipped on Sundays and public holidays?

I’m sorry that we do not provide delivery service on Sundays and public holidays.

6.How much is the freight?

We only provide transportation services in the US. All orders adopt uniform transportation standards. Mail services are not provided outside US.

Shipping price

Free shipping on all orders

7.Do I need to pay the tariff or any other tax fee ?

In US, customer shall be responsible for any taxes, duties and charges levied in the area where the Products are transported, including but not limited to any sales or use tax, value added tax or duties.

8.What should I do if I receive damaged or defective items?

Please contact [email protected] and provide at least a photo or a video with the detail of the item. After confirming the problem, we will resend new products or send new part to replace the defective one to solve the problem.

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Phone: +1 251 (257) 3372

Email: [email protected]